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Tailored Solutions

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We provide tailored solutions based on our know-how, in order to help our clients increase their production output, decrease operating cost and reduce environmental impact :

1. Increase capacity and Efficiency
Pre-heater, calciner and kiln design
Grinding system design
2. Minimize Emissions
Dust control system design
Selective Non-Catalytic (SOx and NOx) Reduction (SNCR)

3. Recycling of Wastes
Waste heat recovery
Alternative Fuels
Non-hazardous treatment of sludge, hazardous wastes, solid waste

4. Full Flowsheet Optimization
Process Optimization
DCS, PCS and Intelligence Control
National Testing Center (Physical tests, chemical tests, full-flowsheet heat/water/power balance tests, emission tests, national/industry standard drafting, project acceptance and evaluation)

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